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Projectors for rent in Goa | Top Projector rental supplier in Goa

What is a projector?

The best way to explain what a projector is – an inverted camera, spitting light out of a lens rather than receiving it. The two main types of projectors are:

  • DLP projectors: These projectors employ a light source in combination with a color wheel and a chip that contains microscopic tilting mirrors. The light passes through the color wheel, reflecting off the mirrors, and is further projected onto the screen.

  • LCD projectors: These projectors utilize a light source that passes light through 3 LCD Chips (which are the primary colors green, red, and blue) to create and project images.

How to know which projector to buy? For Home Theater

If you are looking for a projector to enjoy the best movie-watching experience, then instead of buying a commercial projector, go for a home theatre projector. The home theatre projector delivers the user with incredible image quality with rich saturation, high contrast and deep blacks. These projectors work best in a room where the amount of light entering can be controlled. Choose a projector with 4K resolution, offering you HDR compatibility and high contrast ratio. With high contrast ratio, you can experience a sharper picture quality be it numbers, pictures, text, graphs, or video.

For Office Commercial projectors or projectors for offices are primarily for displaying static images, like graphs and PowerPoint slides, but they can also work great for multimedia and entertainment use. For office projectors, the main thing to keep in mind is the lumen output. For office purposes, you can either choose a short-throw projector or a regular projector.

For Gaming

If your main purpose is playing games on a big screen, then a gaming projector is your thing. The three important aspects to keep in mind when buying a gaming projector are refresh rate, lag time and resolution. If your gaming console is 4K resolution, then buy a projector that is 4K to enjoy the best graphics.

For Classrooms

Having projectors in classrooms can make the whole learning process lot of engaging and super fun. Classroom projectors have the same features as the commercial projector but utilize low resolution. Buy projectors that have built-in speakers as it makes the whole presentation process in a school easy. SOURCE

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